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Tom Pokenutter, at your service. 21 years old, avid gamer, lazy as all get-out, and desperately in need of inspiration for a real ID.

Like, seriously. You don't even know. I mean, I've had this same Bio up for the past few years, updating the age as applicable. I only recently extended this paragraph for the sake of a meta joke, and expect that "recently" to stick around for quite a while.
Allow me to preface this by saying that I am not dead.  Huzzah.

So,. this Journal is a number of things.  It's a review on the status of all the projects I'm involved in, what to expect in terms of updates from them, what changes are going to occur around here, and in general, how things are going to work in 2015.  I know I've been incredibly unproductive this year- I aim to change that.

The first thing to discuss is MDJ.  Presently my big project, it is not going anywhere.  It's in its final arc, and I'm trying to use it to correct a number of issues I've had with the story so far- a lack of description, correction of a few small continuity snarls, and development of characters without Heath's direct influence on the party.  This has been incredibly slow to date, but not due to writing- I've been on a massive slump this past year, not helped by work keeping me incredibly busy.  However, I've begun writing again, and hope to God I'll be able to maintain a reasonable schedule.

Blue Snow is still in production, although it's been stymied by as many factors as MDJ, as well as the difficulty of writing a particular scene I'm stuck on.  Chapter 6 will be out eventually, and it should be easy to move past.

Transcending the Abyss, being a collab, runs into the problem of author availability- my schedule and Knightfall's have not been lining up perfectly, so little work has been done.  However, like MDJ and Blue SNow, work is still being done.

Now, this was a shock to me when I found out, but apparently nobody knows that I run a blog.  It's a Pokémon-themed review blog, taking a look at the merchandise, manga, anime, and games of yesteryear, and grading them in a (hopefully) humorous way, akin to my old soundtrack reviews.  I've been advertising it in my signature, but apparently, that isn't enough.  So I'm going to be advertising new entries in my Journal.  The latest real entry was a review of the Psychic-type Pokémon from the original TCG Base Set- please have a look here:…

Next is a project that I've laid the foundation for on here before: PMD: Brighter Day.  Many of you may recall Eric and Natalie of Team Domhan Gile, a vaguely-sinister rescue team initially created for PMD-U.  And if you look at my activity over the past year, you can probably guess how that's going.  So, my plan was to reclaim them- put an alternative version of them into the MDJ canon, and see what they do.  I wouldn't expect them to cross over with about 95% of MDJ's cast, but I hope you enjoy them when their story is released.  Due to my interest in building up a buffer, though, they'll be a while coming.  The entire thing will begin release sometime in between MDJ and MDJ2- fitting for what is being made as a sort of midquel between the two.

And now that I've finished talking about my main projects, here's something that I've been thinking about for a while:

I do have a small confession to make- I have not been using dA as intended.  dA is meant to allow artists to share their work with each other, but I have not seriously looked at my Deviation alerts for a few years now.  My big issue is groups, although the fact that I watch 312 people total is probably another culprit.  The end result is an inbox that can fill to 10,000 alerts in a week, and I just can't keep up with that.

So this is my solution: I have a small handful of people I will keep watching.  And if you want to be a part of that group, comment here, send me a note, do something to contact me with your interest in my continuing to see your work.  My answer will always- ALWAYS- be a yes.  There is already a small group of deviants I've decided I'm watching no matter what, so some people will get off easy.  But most will not.  This is not me trying to cut you off-even if you miss this entirely (and if previous journals are any indication, most of you will,) I'm not removing you as a friend.  I'm just cutting off my alerts.  You can request that I watch you any time, too- a year, or even ten years down the road.

Please note that this extends to people I watch only- if I don't know you, I'm not going to watch you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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:iconfalloftheknights: and I are working on it as we speak.
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It's currently in production.  I'm glad you're interested, though, and I'll let Knightfall know as well!
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